TBS6680 DVB-C Dual Tuner Dual CI PCIe Card

TBS6680 is a Dual tuner digital cable TV internal card with Dual common interface. It can be used for watching clear QAM or encrypted Pay TV (By inserting the correct CAM and subscription smartcard into the CI slot, encrypted pay TV will be available). Windows BDA driver is provided and Linux driver is also available. TBS6680 is compatible with MediaPortal, DVBlink, DVBDream, DVBViewer, ProgDVB, Skynet, TSreader, XBMC,MythTV, VDR and many other popular softwares.


TBS6680 DVB-C Dual Tuner Dual CI PCIe Card, built with two Common Interfaces which allows insertion of CAM and smartcard for pay TV, is a good choice for watching/recording digital cable HD TV on PC.

Main Features:
Watch Cable TV & listen to Radio on PC
2 x DVB-C SD or HD TV Receiving simultaneously
Real Time and Scheduled Program Recording(PVR)
Time Shifting to Pause Live TV
2 x Common Interface Support

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