• TV Tuner Card

    Digital PC cards for DVB S/S2,DVB-C,ISDB-T
    TBS has developed a series of digital TV tuner cards for PCs,like PCIe DVB S/S2.DVB-C cards with single,dual,and quad tuner,CAM CI box for DVB-S2,USB TV Box for DVB-S/S2,DVB-C.It brings new revolution and innovation in building HTPC and IPTV for home users.
  • Tablet PC

    Stylish powerful T-Pads make the world in your figure
    Connecting to the world is just a touch away. The TBS T-Pad is powered by the advanced processor to help you achieve maximun usage accross countless demanding applications.Enjoy Wi-Fi connectivity,built-in front camera,and HD resolution with TBS tablets.
  • Mini PC

    Full 1080P HD Android TV box based on advance processor
    Running the latest Android system,the TBS mini PC is designed for versatility and convenience.Just plug the mini PC directly into any HDMI input,you can watch online TV,YouTube videos,HD movies,surfer Internet,and play Android games on your TV
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